Seabourne specializes in a range of logistics services, including custom clearance, international courier, import, export, and more.
Seabourne navigates custom clearance procedures with precision, ensuring compliance with regulations for seamless import and export processes.
Seabourne offers reliable international courier solutions, ensuring swift and secure delivery for documents, packages, and e-commerce shipments.
Seabourne stands out with its comprehensive import and export services, combining expertise in air and sea freight for efficient and reliable global trade.
Yes, Seabourne provides secure and efficient warehousing solutions, optimizing inventory management for businesses.
Seabourne's inland haulage services ensure the smooth transportation of goods within Kenya, utilizing a reliable fleet and adhering to safety standards.
Seabourne offers comprehensive relocation services, managing every aspect from packing to logistics coordination for individuals and businesses.
Seabourne is committed to transparent pricing, ensuring clarity, honesty, and fairness in all transactions with clients.
Seabourne's warehousing services go beyond storage, offering inventory tracking, order fulfillment, and personalized solutions for clients.
Seabourne employs advanced tracking technology to provide real-time visibility, allowing clients to stay informed about the status of their shipments.
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